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Spy Voice Recorder
File Size: 1.08 MB Price: $ 39.95 USD
Version: 5.1  Updated on Apr 23, 2014 Publisher: Keylogger Spy Monitor, Inc.
Windows OS: 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 3877
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Spy Voice Recorder - best voice spy software, an easy sound monitoring and best voice recorder software on your computer.

With it you can monitor and spy all sound / voice chat conversations, streaming audio from Internet, music played by any player, etc.

How to record the yahoo/Skype voice chat stealth? This voice recorder is designated mainly to record and spy Voice Chat of instant messengers, such as Yahoo messenger Voice Chat, Skype Voice Chat, ICQ Voice Chat, QQ Voice Chat, etc.

it can record both the input sounds of microphone and the output sound of earphone. Recorded voice conversations with high quality and it will save automatically in mp3 file format. Spy Voice Record even can record the sound from peripheral equipment, such as the sound take a call, etc.

Main functions of Spy Voice Recorder: 1.

Record voice conversation automatically, including Skype voice / video call, Yahoo Messenger voice conversations and all voice conversations in any other VoIP software.

It can record the voice from both sides. 2. You can set it begin to record when Spy Voice Recorder start up.

3. Save voice data to be an mp3 file named with the current date and time. 4. Work in invisible mode.

No window and icon will show on your desktop and nobody will know its existence
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