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QB - Text Analyzer
File Size: 476 KB Price: $ 29.95 USD
Version: 1.1  Updated on Nov 21, 2009 Publisher: Sierra Vista Software
Windows OS: XP Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 3988
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Are you learning a new language? One of the most critical things you need to learn is the
vocabulary. Not knowing which words to use will slow you down even if your grammar and pronunciation are excellent.

You probably have a thick dictionary that lists and explains tens of thousands of words, but how do you know where to start? Memorizing all those words can easily become frustrating and exhausting.

Consider this. If you knew that your chances of encountering the word A in real life are 100 times higher than encountering the word B, which one would you choose to learn first?

Now there is an easy way to take actual texts from your target language and see how often each word is used!

Meet QB
- Text Analyzer. This new program for Windows can help you build and advance your vocabulary the smart way. Just paste any text into this user-friendly program and in a few seconds you can see the frequency of every word in that text. In addition, the program includes several features that make it easy to see each word in context and to translate each word and sentence. Your text sample can be a small article you found on the Web or an entire book.

With QB
- Text Analyzer you can:

- Automatically generate a vocabulary list from a text sample

- Sort the vocabulary list alphabetically or by word count

- Export the vocabulary list to HTML

- Export the vocabulary list to Quiz-Buddy to memorize those words that you select

- For each individual word, see a list of all the sentences where it is used

- Quickly translate words and sentences

- Add translations, definitions or comments to each word.

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Rating : Very Good
Reviewer : aureviewer
Review posted on : Dec 10, 2009
Version : 1.1

Allows me to see what the most frequently used words are in a selection of text. I can take a difficult philosophical text and understand how the main terms are used. There is no other tool I know which allows one to do this. For someone who must understand special usages of terms in a document, this is a real gift and helps considerably with comprehension.

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