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PurgeIE Pro
File Size: 1.03 MB Price: $ 29.95 USD
Version: 4.03  Updated on Apr 30, 2010 Publisher: Assistance and Resources for Computing, Inc.
Windows OS: Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 4202
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PurgeIE Pro helps Internet Explorer users eliminate unwanted Internet files. This superb utility provides the tools you need to cover your surfing tracks and keep Internet-related garbage from overrunning your hard drive.

PurgeIE Pro enables you to easily remove a variety of leftover files that Internet Explorer leaves in its wake when you browse the Internet . Despite all of the bad press that Cookies have received, there are some good Cookies that contain stored passwords and preferences for Web sites you trust.

These Cookies actually make your life easier. You just tell PurgeIE Pro which ones to 'protect' and it will delete the rest. PurgeIE Pro incorporates a Cookie Viewer with search functions to assist you in deciding which Cookies to mark for 'protection'.

This allows you to quickly determine which Cookies contain your personal information. A recent upgrade implements a function to randomize (jumble) Cookies data. PurgeIE Pro includes 'secure erase' and support for Plugins. Cache files, Cookies, Visited URLs, Typed URLs, History Folders, Strays, Recent Links, the IE UserData folder, Recycle Bin and the Windows Temp Folder are the current categories you can choose to eliminate.

For users of IE-5 and IE-6, features include clearing Previous Searches and AutoComplete Forms. You can also specify time frames to retain your more recent cache files.

PurgeIE Pro has become quite popular among the Cache and Cookie utilities as it provides the user with several options and includes a preview function to you to evaluate the effect of each of the Purge options before their execution.

PurgeIE Pro manages its cleanup functions without requiring you to restart your system. Supports IE-5 thru IE-7 and VISTA. A recent upgrade implements a tabbed User interface. The 15 trial days need not be contiguous

Additional System Requirements:
Internet Explorer on Win-98/ME/NT/2000/XP/VISTA

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