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PresenTense Time Server reviews

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The best!

Rating : Excellent
Reviewer : Administrator
Review posted on : Mar 15, 2004
Version : 3.6

Before embarking on this project, I knew nothing about time synchronization. I downloaded every time server I could find and tried them all. There is so much junk out there. Eventually I found this one and it installed easy, worked like a charm and is still running! One tool (made by the same company) is useful when testing time servers. It''s called Presentense auditor or something like that. With this tool, you can check the accuracy of your server against internet reference clocks. There is a 30 day demo :)

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Works as advertised.

Rating : Excellent
Reviewer : Enigma
Review posted on : Jul 22, 2003
Version : 1.5

This is the only NTP4 server for windows that I could find that actually worked properly. Nice product.

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