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File Size: 7.07 MB Price: $ 120.00 USD
Version: 1.3.0  Updated on Jun 23, 2012 Publisher: Fractracer Lab, Ltd.
Windows OS: 7 / Vista / 2003 / XP Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 3230
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Fractracer is a program for creating, exploring and rendering fractals and other high-complexity 3D shapes. Fractracer uses powerful script language for defining 3D shapes, scenes, and GUI elements, but can be used as 3D modeling tool without any knowledge of programming. Any created object can be exported as 3D triangle mesh to use in other modeling software.
Fractracer can create keyframe animation and import external 3D models.

Main Features:
-High-complexity 3D objects (fractals for example), mixed in any combinations
-Extensible interactive object editor
-Scene Tree, hierarchical structure of all objects in the scene
-Tree Manipulation, standard manipulation commands, object can be copied from one scene to another with all dependencies
-Most objects has parameters, that can be changed in real time
-Object Library, predefined objects can be easily inserted in object tree from library
-Inline Formulas, it is possible to use formulas in most of the numerical parameters
-Mesh Export, with colors, normals and UVW maps
-Mesh Import, with textures and tesselation
-Advanced rendering algorithm, with support for light sources, shadows and antialiasing
-Keyframe Animation (with object morphing)
-Lua scripting language for objects and GUI
-Integrated script editor with syntax highlighting
-Win32 and Win64 versions

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Additional System Requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor

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