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ClipCache Pro
File Size: 1.59 MB Price: $ 29.95 USD
Version: 3.4.2  Updated on Nov 29, 2009 Publisher: Xrayz Software
Windows OS: Vista (x32) / 2003 / XP / 2000 Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 6461
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ClipCache Pro is like three powerful utilities in one! It's an easy-to-use and powerful clipboard extender, a full-featured text editor with many exciting instant text cleanup capabilities, and a handy QuickPaste utility which easily stores pieces of text, ready to be pasted into any application simply by pressing an assigned hotkey.

Cut and paste is probably one of the most often used functions on a computer, whether for word processing, graphics work, email, or web surfing. Unfortunately, Windows clipboard is severely limited and every clip is erased by the succeeding one.

ClipCache Pro turns the windows clipboard into a powerful software you will use 50 times a day to instantaneously edit text and then store it for future use, keeping it easily accessible with an assigned keystroke if desired. Clean up text clips using a vast array of advanced editing features, such as instant removal of those annoying > > > > from emails, removing large gaps and whitespace from emails or webtables, removing linebreaks or empty lines, stripping HTML tags, search and replace, etc Folders known as Groups help categorize your clips, permitting easy organization by dragging and dropping between groups.

Rename clips and edit them right in the preview pane. Hotkeys can be assigned to any clip.. URLs, addresses, standard replies, any file..

allowing for instant pasting into any application as a simple macro.

ClipCache Pro adopts a standard Windows look and feel (drag & drop, sorting, property sheets, right-click menus and more) while sitting quietly in the system tray on your taskbar.

Whether you use it for word processing, graphics work, email, web surfing or data management, ClipCache Pro is one utility you cannot afford to be without! If you are gonna clip it, cache it!

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749 out of 1452 people found the following review helpful:

Very handy tool.
Rating : Excellent
Reviewer : Bill Baird
Review posted on : Aug 30, 2003
Version : 2.9

I've been using Clipcache for just a couple weeks now and already I can't live without it. I love the way I can go back and access anything I have copied and pasted in the past, organize my clips and save time by automatically pasting up reply emails with hotkeys using the macro tool! Very cool. And ya gotta love the text cleanup feature.

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671 out of 1429 people found the following review helpful:

Rating : Excellent
Reviewer : Janet Harris
Review posted on : Aug 8, 2003
Version : 2.9

Well if you handle data like I do, you gotta LOVE ClipCache. Cut and paste, store an infinite number of clips and retrieve them in a heartbeat, fully searchable... and assign hnotkeys for your most common ones. And I just love the text cleanup feature... I use clipcache more than any other software on my computer!

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