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File Size: 643 KB Price: $ 24.95 USD
Version: V1.02  Updated on Jun 22, 2009 Publisher: BPM DETECTOR PRO
Windows OS: 2003 / XP / 2000 Rating:
License Type: Demo Downloads: 2559
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BPM DETECTOR PRO is a Deejay oriented automatic Beat Per Minute detecting software (BPM counter). Its concept is simple yet very powerful. Designed with the CD & PC Deejay in mind, it will surely be a helpful tool to get fast BPM information out of your entire music CDs collection and your entire digital music collection on PC. Forget manual tapping and let our software do it for you.
With just a few mouse clicks, BPM DETECTOR PRO will let you choose which songs or tracks you want the tempo to be detected. Whether you want to detect an entire music CD or just a few songs on your hard drive, you can count on BPM DETECTOR PRO to quickly do the job for you and without having to listen to the music itself. BPM DETECTOR PRO is very easy to manipulate which makes it an application you will always use, especially if you are a working digital Deejay or an hobbyist digital Deejay.

BPM DETECTOR PRO includes the following functions:

- Min & Max Tempo manual settings in order to minimize detection errors (Doubling effect) especially frequent with R&B and Rap music.

- Up to dot 2 digits detection (.00)

- Ability to rename and modify your music files by including the BPM information on the file name itself (At the beginning or at the end), further more it can also leave the original music files untouched and duplicate the files with the BPM information. (NOTE: This function only works with WAV and MP3 on your hard drive, it does not work with CDDA or MP3 and WAV on CDR.)

- Automatically generate a text file (Or log) with all the songs or tracks BPM information. This function allows you to print the text file and insert the BPM information in your CD jewel case. (We also provide a CD insert template, which is easy to use, just copy the text file information and paste it in the CD insert template, print and cut, put it in your CD jewel case).

- A manual tapping function has been added to re-enforce BPM DETECTOR PRO and correct occasional errors on complex rhythm patterns

Additional System Requirements:
ASPI drivers correctly installed - CD or DVD drive for CD detection

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