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Energy Spy
File Size: 1.43 MB Price: $ 24.97 USD
Version: 1.8  Updated on Nov 9, 2009 Publisher: FlexibleSoft Co.
Windows OS: 2003 / XP / 2000 Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 4490
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Sometimes a PC user has to perform many monotonous routine actions - for example, when there is a need to turn off the computer, leave it in standby mode or restart it.

What if the user has to do it in certain time? And what if you have to turn off tens of computers in your office? It's much better to rely upon a software aid.

We have created such aid for you - it's Energy Spy. The program controls the computer's power according to your schedule. You can restart the computer, leave it on standby or turn it off using a schedule you create beforehand, hot keys or the command line.

The program interface is fully compatible with Windows XP.

Besides, Energy Spy can adjust the system time of your computer using numerous exact-time servers in the Internet and manage CD drives trays - using hot keys or a menu - or eject a CD/DVD disk you have forgotten in the drive after Windows shuts down. Main features of Energy Spy: - Turning off the computer, restarting it, etc.

according to a previously created schedule.

- Support of "Socks v5", "Socks v4" and "Socks v4A" proxy servers for time synchronization protocol. - Automatic opening of CD drive tray when the power is switched off (only if there is a disk in the drive). - A feature of hiding the program in the notification area to leave free space on your desktop. - A feature of adjusting system time of your PC using numerous exact time servers in the Internet. - Automatic selection of the fastest server. - Multithread synchronization.

The program addresses to several servers at a time and automatically selects the best one. - A feature of using sound alarm. - A feature of automatic launching on OS startup. - Simple interface and intuitive settings.

- Support of Windows XP skins. - A feature of assigning hot keys for managing the power and opening/closing the tray of CD/DVD drive. - All power management operations can be performed using the command line parameters.

Additional System Requirements:

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