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Digital Media Converter Pro reviews

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360 out of 728 people found the following review helpful:

Nice program but expensive.

Rating : Excellent
Reviewer : eekhator
Review posted on : Jan 18, 2010
Version : 3.11

Except for the high cost, it is a very good program.

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664 out of 1306 people found the following review helpful:

Rips my DVD''s perfectly for home theater system!

Rating : Excellent
Reviewer : Jerry C
Review posted on : Nov 26, 2008
Version : 2.14

I am using this software to convert my library of DVD''s so I can use them on my custom home theater system. I am converting to AVI with the XVID codec and it looks fantastic when I view it on my flat screen. All my DVD''s converted perfectly. Also really cool - I converted some of my DVR-MS recordings to play on my Sony PSP. I can now watch my TV shows on the morning train ride. Very pleased with this software.

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