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CRiSP Programmers Editor
File Size: 6.78 MB Price: $ 250.00 USD
Version: 9.3  Updated on Jul 10, 2009 Publisher: Vital, Inc.
Windows OS: Vista (x32) / 2003 / XP / 2000 Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 4593
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CRiSP is a programmers text editor designed to give user the power and flexibility to edit large files on multiple Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac platforms. CRiSP started life as a programmers text editor with BRIEF emulation, however after 15+ years of development, it now includes just about every conceivable editing feature that you could ever feel a need for, while still maintaining BRIEF keyboard and macro emulation. CRiSP provides a common look and feel across multiple UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac platforms and is ideal whether editing 2 line programs or 1,000,000+ line projects spread over tens of thousands of files. Whether you are a programmer, power user or a light user, every minute you spend using CRiSP text editor will be worthwhile.

CRiSP was originally designed to be a 100% BRIEF editor across multiple platforms, but has since then surpassed its design goals. It has 100% keyboard emulation of the original BRIEF editor.

CRiSP's macro language is a superset of BRIEF editor's C / Lisp macro language and is compatible at the language level, giving the users the ability to run their existing BRIEF macros. CRiSP has added lots of functionality which BRIEF editor never had in the first place.

The character version of CRiSP [cr.exe] works just like Brief editor - but with a lot more enhancements.

The GUI version of CRiSP while maintaining 100% keyboard compatibility has all the graphical niceties to go along. Your customized BRIEF macros will run in CRiSP without major modifications.

We will even assist you to bring over all your BRIEF macros. If you are a previous BRIEF editor user, you will find yourself completely at home with CRiSP on any of the supported platforms - Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac. CRiSP - BRIEF Editor For The Modern Times

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Feature Rich Editor - Easy to user.
Rating : Excellent
Reviewer : John Austin
Review posted on : Aug 6, 2007
Version : 9.3

CRiSP has been around for a while. Not sure why the author never marketed it. It is one of the best editors. If you are looking for BRIEF emulation or Large file editing, it is head and shoulders above everything.

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