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Feeling frustrated by your PC?  Does it ever seem to you that your computer has gotten slower since you first set it up?  Is your system freezing or crashing every few hours? Does it seem to take way too long for it to start up?

Are you thinking about buying a new multi-CPU system with huge amounts of RAM?  You may not have to.

Sometimes, computers do slow down.  There are a lot of reasons that this could happen.  Here are a few:

  1. Your computer could be infected with spyware or adware.
  2. Your hard disk may be highly fragmented.
  3. Your Windows Registry may be loading unnecessary programs and drivers.
  4. You many not have the latest, best Windows drivers for your hardware.
  5. Too many programs that you don't really need may be loaded when your PC starts up.
  6. You may have Windows services activated that you don't actually use.

It is possible for an expert to manually search through all your system's files and settings and fix these problems one at a time, but it's far easier and faster to let optimizing software do it.

The subject of removing spyware and adware is large and important enough that I will write a separate blog entry about it.

Optimizing software can be either very specific, or try to do everything.  For instance, RAM Saver Pro does one thing and does it well. It makes RAM access faster.  If your system is being slowed down by RAM shortages, especially if you run multiple applications at once, RAM Saver Pro can dramatically improve performance.

Another program that specializes in one task is Startup Booster.  If your system is taking too long to go from "Off" to "Ready to use", you should try Startup Booster.  This free program will stop the loading of unwanted programs at startup, saving you time whenever you turn your computer on or reboot.

Vista Manager is a package that brings several speedup functions together—over 30 functions, in fact.  In addition to improving startup and shutdown speeds, it removes unneeded files, defragments your hard drives, optimizes hardware settings, and much more.  

Auslogics Software has recently updated their BoostSpeed.  This award-winning software suite also speeds up hard drive and memory performance, and optimizes Internet performance.

These are only a few of the excellent programs available in our System Optimization area.  If you'd like a faster computer, try some today!

Best Regards,
John M.


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