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At Your Leisure: Arcade Games


We all use computers for practical things, everything from creating documents to doing budgets.  I'm here to remind you that computers are fun.  The "At Your Leisure" entries will talk about games, music players, and other software created just for you to enjoy.

This time I'm going to talk about one of my favorites, arcade games.

If you liked Pacman and all the sequels, you should check out Agent Chewer.  You control the extremely secret agent, Chewer, as he searches for the dangerous semi-atomic bomb.  Can you save PacLand?

Arcade Race takes the basic driving game and adds missiles, bombs, and land mines.  With 8 tracks and excellent 3D graphics, it should keep any car-lover entertained.

Any younger kids will be fascinated by Bubble Bobble Quest.  They can help the two dragons, Bub and Bob, defeat their enemies with magical bubble-blowing powers.  The game is surprisingly complicated--adults might just find they are addicted!

There are hundreds of other games available in FindApp's Home & Education category.  Take a look, and have fun!

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