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At Your Leisure: Strategy Games


The stakes are high.  If you do the wrong thing now, the survival of the entire country is at risk.  The course of history itself depends on what you do next!

Brutal Wars

There are two ways to make decisions that important. You can become a politician and run for a major office.  If that sounds like a lot of trouble, you can play one of the fine strategy games on FindApp.  Almost everyone has played a strategy game like Risk or Civilization.  Playing on a computer means better graphics, quicker gameplay, and not having to read and memorize rulebooks before you start playing.

Speaking of Risk, Pax Galaxia takes the classic game and moves it into outer space.  You control entire star systems, sending armies to conquer enemy territory as part of your plan to conquer the galaxy.  Play at any difficulty level from Easy to Master.  You can play any nation, and either use one of the 30 included maps, or create your own.  Pax Galaxia is a long-time favorite on FindApp.  Download a copy today and see why!

After you're done playing games in the far future, maybe you'd like to go into the past.  1939:BATTLEFLEET puts you in command of World War Two naval fleets.  As Admiral, you will need to properly use over 40 different types of ship, submarine and warplane to complete the over 60 mission scenarios, and win the war.

If you're a dedicated gamer, it's hard to stop playing and leave the game at home.  With Brutal Wars you can put the game in your pocket. Brutal Wars works on both Windows PCs and Windows Mobile phones.  You can even start the game on your PC, save it to your phone, and keep playing.  You can play Brutal Wars against the computer or up to 3 other human players, with 40 different types of military unit, and a wide variety of maps and scenarios.

There are dozens of games in the Strategy and War Games area of FindApp.  One of them is perfect for you!

John M.

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