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At Your Leisure: Card Games


Almost everyone has played Windows Solitaire.  It's amazingly addictive.  After a while, though, you find yourself wanting something new.  This week's "At Your Leisure" introduces some new, fun computer card games. 

How about the 478 different card games included in SolSuite 2008?  With over 9 trillion possible game variations, you will never get bored!  Automatically post your scores on the Internet—can you set the world's best score in Klondike or Pyramid?  Download it and find out!

If you prefer multi-player games, check out RUMMY from Special K.  Play 10 variations of the classic game, against up to 6 computer opponents.  You can even create your own rules!

If you'd like to learn to play Bridge, Tutorial Bridge is for you.  With 4 levels of difficulty, and computer opponents of adjustable skill levels, it's fun for both beginners and experts. Tutorial Bridge is designed to teach anyone to play this challenging, popular card game.

Move beyond plain old Solitaire.  I'm sure you will find something you love in the Card Games section of FindApp.

John M.


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