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At Your Leisure: Puzzle Games


Good news! According to recent scientificresearch, mentally challenging activities actually help us to think better. Now you have an excuse for playing puzzle games: they're healthy and make you smarter!

Here are 3 puzzle games you can download from FindApp that will help you keep your mind sharp. They're also a lot of fun.

Sudoku For Windows

Sudoku For Windows

Sudoku's popularity has exploded in the 21'st Century, from almost unknown outside Japan to being the most popular type of number puzzle. The rules are very simple: every row, every column, and every 3x3 box must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. The game is so fascinating you may have to struggle to tear yourself away. Sudoku for Windows puts the game on your PC, giving you an unlimited number of games, 5 difficulty levels, and automatic checking for common mistakes like duplicate entries. The program has an elegant, simple, attractive interface, and you can be playing within a few seconds of installing.



Crossword puzzles are the most popular type of puzzle game in the USA. FineCrosser helps you design your own crosswords. It's a great tool for any teacher. There is no better way to reinforce someone's memory of a fact than including it in a game.

Creating a crossword with FineCrosser is easy. Just select which words you want to appear, click the “Make Crossword” button, and the program creates the grid, places the words, and creates the clue sheet and key. The program comes with 24 categories of words and clues, and you can add new words easily to create puzzles about any subject.



A third type of puzzle is based on shapes. BoXIKoN is a game of planning and mental imagery. Like Tetris, you try to fit geometric shapes together to fill rows on the game board:

You can rotate and position the blocks wherever you want, so the game is decided by how well you've thought out your strategy, not by how fast you can handle the controller.

It's a fun mix of an arcade game and a puzzle. Be careful! It's surprisingly addictive.

There are hundreds of games on FindApp in the Puzzles category. Remember, it's for your health, so take some time, have fun, and build up your brain power.



At Your Leisure: Strategy Games


The stakes are high.  If you do the wrong thing now, the survival of the entire country is at risk.  The course of history itself depends on what you do next!

Brutal Wars

There are two ways to make decisions that important. You can become a politician and run for a major office.  If that sounds like a lot of trouble, you can play one of the fine strategy games on FindApp.  Almost everyone has played a strategy game like Risk or Civilization.  Playing on a computer means better graphics, quicker gameplay, and not having to read and memorize rulebooks before you start playing.

Speaking of Risk, Pax Galaxia takes the classic game and moves it into outer space.  You control entire star systems, sending armies to conquer enemy territory as part of your plan to conquer the galaxy.  Play at any difficulty level from Easy to Master.  You can play any nation, and either use one of the 30 included maps, or create your own.  Pax Galaxia is a long-time favorite on FindApp.  Download a copy today and see why!

After you're done playing games in the far future, maybe you'd like to go into the past.  1939:BATTLEFLEET puts you in command of World War Two naval fleets.  As Admiral, you will need to properly use over 40 different types of ship, submarine and warplane to complete the over 60 mission scenarios, and win the war.

If you're a dedicated gamer, it's hard to stop playing and leave the game at home.  With Brutal Wars you can put the game in your pocket. Brutal Wars works on both Windows PCs and Windows Mobile phones.  You can even start the game on your PC, save it to your phone, and keep playing.  You can play Brutal Wars against the computer or up to 3 other human players, with 40 different types of military unit, and a wide variety of maps and scenarios.

There are dozens of games in the Strategy and War Games area of FindApp.  One of them is perfect for you!

John M.



At Your Leisure: Card Games


Almost everyone has played Windows Solitaire.  It's amazingly addictive.  After a while, though, you find yourself wanting something new.  This week's "At Your Leisure" introduces some new, fun computer card games. 

How about the 478 different card games included in SolSuite 2008?  With over 9 trillion possible game variations, you will never get bored!  Automatically post your scores on the Internet—can you set the world's best score in Klondike or Pyramid?  Download it and find out!

If you prefer multi-player games, check out RUMMY from Special K.  Play 10 variations of the classic game, against up to 6 computer opponents.  You can even create your own rules!

If you'd like to learn to play Bridge, Tutorial Bridge is for you.  With 4 levels of difficulty, and computer opponents of adjustable skill levels, it's fun for both beginners and experts. Tutorial Bridge is designed to teach anyone to play this challenging, popular card game.

Move beyond plain old Solitaire.  I'm sure you will find something you love in the Card Games section of FindApp.

John M.




At Your Leisure: Arcade Games


We all use computers for practical things, everything from creating documents to doing budgets.  I'm here to remind you that computers are fun.  The "At Your Leisure" entries will talk about games, music players, and other software created just for you to enjoy.

This time I'm going to talk about one of my favorites, arcade games.

If you liked Pacman and all the sequels, you should check out Agent Chewer.  You control the extremely secret agent, Chewer, as he searches for the dangerous semi-atomic bomb.  Can you save PacLand?

Arcade Race takes the basic driving game and adds missiles, bombs, and land mines.  With 8 tracks and excellent 3D graphics, it should keep any car-lover entertained.

Any younger kids will be fascinated by Bubble Bobble Quest.  They can help the two dragons, Bub and Bob, defeat their enemies with magical bubble-blowing powers.  The game is surprisingly complicated--adults might just find they are addicted!

There are hundreds of other games available in FindApp's Home & Education category.  Take a look, and have fun!

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