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Optimal Trader
File Size: 19.15 MB Price: $ 119.00 USD
Version: 3.1.0  Updated on Nov 2, 2009 Publisher: Optimal Trader
Windows OS: Vista (x32) / 2003 / XP / 2000 Rating:
License Type: Shareware / Trial Downloads: 3063
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Trading software for all instruments on every market! Optimal Trader combines technical analysis with neural networks and modern signal processing. Most indicators have been improved with new technology. A large database with stocks, mutual funds, currencies and indices is available for free.
*Optimal Trader's Combined Analysis Model merges the buy and sell signals of the active models into one buy or sell signal. The Combined Analysis Model produces more stable buy and sell signals than single models buy and sell signals.
*Market Scanner: With Portfolio Scan you can find winning stocks or funds based on your criteria and neural network forecasting.
*Artificial Neural Network Forecasting. Neural networks have a high ability in detecting patterns in stock price development.
*The Trailing Stop Loss Indicator helps you find optimal trailing-stop limits
*In-house developed adaptive moving average filter for most indicators. Optimal Trader Adaptive Mean Average filter(OptAMA), reacts fast on major price changes and smoothes noise efficiently in stock data. The result is clearer signals in many models and fewer erroneous signals when the trend is uncertain.
*Optimal Trader can make a backward analysis (step-by-step Back Testing) to evaluate the results of following a certain stock with a certain model.
*Select best models
*Robust Optimization and Robust Parameters
*Portfolio Risk Management with Modern Portfolio Theory
*Diversify your portfolio with beta values
*Estimate predictability with the Hurst Exponent

Additional System Requirements:
Internet Connection

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